Solar Power

Willis Westcott

Photovoltaic Range

PV800 and PV80 Solar Power Systems

Green Electricity

Our PV800 and PV80 Solar Power Systems harness the power of the sun to provide environmentally friendly electricity. The electricity generated works in conjunction with the building's main supply, with any surplus being sold back to the regional electricity provider (subject to agreement).

Fully Integrated

Both systems ar compatible with a wide range of tiles and slates and with their sleek design and fully integrated fit they offer an attractive alternative to awkward looking "bolt-on" PV panels.

For new build or renovation

Redland PV800 and PV80 systems are easy to install on both new build and renovation projects and can be expanded at a later date for maximum flecibility.

Guaranteed weathertight

Both systems are covered by the comprehensive Redland 15 Year Roof System Guarantee, when used with the Redland rage of tiles and slates. The panels also carry a 25 year energy performance guarantee.